Group Swimming Lessons

Our group swimming lessons run on Monday’s, Tuesday’s and Thursday’s after School and on Saturday mornings. Group swimming lessons start for children aged 4 years and above. Our non-swimmer and beginner classes have a very small adult to child ratio of 1:3 and our improver classes have an adult to child ratio of 1:6.

A variety of different equipment, toys and games are used to enable the children to develop skills and confidence in the water during our group lessons.

The cost of a group lesson is £6.00 for a 30 minute lesson. These fees are payable in either a half termly or termly block in advance.

Children benefit from swimming in a group lesson as they can learn alongside other children of a similar ability. This can often help to encourage children who may be a little unsure at first and helps them to feel at ease.

Intensive group Lessons

We also offer Intensive Group Swimming lessons in summer school holidays where the children have five 30 minute lessons Monday to Friday. The intensive lessons operate on the same basis as our group lessons. The progress seen in our Intensive lessons can be exceptional and is a real must for parents wanting fast progression.

Preschool Swimming Lessons

Preschool swimming lessons run on Monday afternoons and on Wednesday and Saturday mornings. These lessons are for children aged 2 – 4 years old. Children in these lessons must be accompanied by a parent/carer/adult member of their family for the duration of the lessons. There is one teacher and up to six adult and child pairs per class.

We have a diverse range of toys and equipment that help enable children to feel comfortable in the water during their lessons. Songs and games are also used to develop skills through play in the pool.

These lessons cost £7.00 for each 30 minute lesson. These lesson fees are payable in either a half termly or termly block in advance.

Benefits of preschool swimming lessons for children are that they support physical, intellectual, emotional and social growth, promoting the development of motor skills and also strengthening the bond between parents/carers and their children.

Private Swimming Lessons

The Elite School of Swimming does not offer Private Swimming lessons in its own right but will be happy to pass your details onto its swimming teachers who conduct private swimming lessons independently from the Company.

Private lessons have many benefits including accelerated progress, confidence and swimming ability and are open to all age groups. Payment for private swimming lessons must be made direct to the teacher.

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